Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stay Tuned!

Hi there guys! How are you all? Tired of waiting for our releases? Well, don't worry we're just preparing something for you...
Anyway, we will be releasing something from our Upcoming Projects list... now why don't you guess from what series are they? Uh-oh... I slipped... but yeah you read it right... The release is "they" meaning it's more than one release. Haha :3

Anyway... we need help for our projects:
Sakura Ryou March (J-E translator/cleaner)
Akaneiro Show Time (cleaner)
Goshimei! Host Kyoushi J (cleaner)
...and more

*We need someone who has volumes 3-5 RAWS of Inochi by Momochi Reiko. Contact us by sending a PM to one of the admins in the forum.

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