Here are the Frequently Asked Questions for Shoujo Addiction.

1.  How to download Shoujo Addiction's releases?
First, register on our forum and then you have to make 10 non-spam posts. Once you get 10 non-spam posts, you will be able to see the forum 'Releases'. Click that and find the topic of the project you want to download a release.

2.  How can I help Shoujo Addiction?
Join our staff for faster releases! Be a Japanese or Chinese translator, proofreader, editor(cleaner/typesetter) or raw provider... if you don't have the time to be a staff then simply thanking us and supporting us and donating will do.

3.  Can my group re-translate [insert series here] to other language?
Yes, just inform us on the forum or by emailing me at shoujoaddictionscans@hotmail.com.

4.  Can we do a joint for [insert series here]?
Ask an admin on the forum, preferably qtchick or by emailing at shoujoaddictionscans@hotmail.com.

5.  Can I upload your releases to MangaFox, Mangareader, etc.?
NO. Only the admins will do that after 3 days. Thank you.

6.  When will Project [insert series here] be released?
We can't give you the exact date, but please be patient. If it's not in the dropped list then we're still working on it. You could also join our staff to help release it quicker.

7.  Can you do Project [insert series here]?
Feel free to suggest it in our forum.

Well that's all for now~
If your question isn't answered, feel free to contact us at shoujoaddictionscans@hotmail.com.