Friday, January 28, 2011

Shoujo Addiction needs help~

Shoujo Addiction needs 1 or 2 J-E translators that won't mind doing the rest of Bijo Juku volume since our translator for it is busy. SA also needs J-E translators for Celestial in Love & Sakura Ryou March. We've already cleaned Sakura but don't have the translations.

We need a bunch of cleaners who can do:
Goshimei! Host Kyoushi J (chapter 2 has been translated, we need cleans for it)
Akaneiro Show Time
and our future projects.

We also need raws for Inochi Volumes 3-5 and Bijo Juku Volume 2.
We are also willing to recruit raw scanners that can provide us HQ/MQ scans from Shoujo magazines like Cheese!, Betsucomi, etc. :D

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