Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Release of Sheryl - Kiss in the Galaxy!

So we have finally release the first chapter of Sheryl - Kiss in the Galaxy!!! Their chapters are called stages and we start this series with Stage 0 - Star by Birth. We hope you enjoy it.

So you can find the releases in the Release section. Also, please remember to read our rules and to follow them regarding releases.

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We are in need of more J-E Translators for Bijo Juku and 
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Now another group released the first chapter of this series before us. T_T We would like you, our members, to let us know if we should continue to work on this series or to drop it. Please go to our forum and vote in the poll and let us know.

That is all... enjoy! 


  1. I won't join the forum for just to vote but I will voice my opinion over in this post.

    I hate it when two groups do the same title since it's waste of resources when there's so much manga out that is better and should get a chance :3

    I love Sheryl so I'm biased now...
    I would recommend that you continue if you do a better work than the other group by "better" I mean a better editing job and correct naming. If you got someone who's a fan of Macross F working in the group and going RAWRRR if they right names aren't used and then get it fixed before released then that will help a lot.

    I read the other groups release and remember that they used the wrong names and it made me sad... Someone told them about it and they said they would fix it from the next chapter...not a good thing for a fan of the chick. So while I'm still in my biased mode: JUST DO IT(copyright by Nike) if you can do a better job, otherwise there's really no need. Use your hard work on another title instead ;)

  2. Thank you for voicing your opinion T1. I want to make sure our version is accurate for fans of Macross and Sheryl. If you don't mind emailing me at shoujoaddictionscans@hotmail.com and telling me the names so I can make sure they are accurate...

  3. More, I NEED MORE :)

    Now, seriously, good job, it´s nice that someone is translating this series. Also,ignore T1, he seems to forget that a lot of mangas are started by a scanlation group and then abandoned without any other word soooo......Keep working please :)

  4. aaaw continue please !!! your scans are much lovelier and in better quality :) really I rather read your scans :)
    I can't find the forum actually XD haha so I will vote here and say please continue this >3<