Friday, April 29, 2011

APRIL Releases

After a month of working and no releases... we finally present you the products of our labor!

To end the month of April, we have 5 chapters for you.... (and maybe, later... who knows, we might add some more. Might.)

Now here's the list...

For smut lovers... we are giving you...

Naymeru Hime to Mayoeru Ouji chapters 3 and 4! (These two chapters are related to each other) We also released chapter 5 later that night.
Posted Image
(2 more chapters and we're done with this series!)

Now, going further... we also have the third chapter of Inochi!
Posted Image
Yay! And yes, WE DIDN'T DROP IT. It's just that sometimes we are slow and too busy... T_T

Another release we have for you is the second chapter of Goshimei! Host Kyoushi J. (Sorry for the long wait.. but anyway it's here!)
Posted Image

And lastly... here's the first story of Tsumi Koi! Joint with Chibi Manga.
Posted Image

You can find the releases in the Release section in our forum. Also, please remember to read our rules and to follow them regarding releases.

We hope you enjoy them! Thanks for supporting us till now.

Until the next release announcement,
See ya!


  1. Thanks a lot for these releases

  2. thanks for inochi and tsumi koi *-*

  3. Very nice, thanks so much for the releases everyone! :D

  4. thank you for not having dropped Inochi. I am looking forward to what future chapters have in store. it is a very unique plot. =D thanks for translating it and sharing it.

  5. Thanks for continuing Inochi.