Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project News~

Okay some updates/news about our projects.

Devil's Kiss (1 Volume) is done. We released the last 2 chapters just days ago. Engraving a Symbol of Love and Lesson (both oneshots with side stories) can be downloaded in our forum! Read them if you haven't yet.

In place of Devil's Kiss, qtchick and I decided
to take Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi. We already found the complete raws, so expect for a new release any time now...

Inochi chapter 1 has been translated and proofread. It's currently being cleaned. I'll be typesetting and QCing this so I think this will be released on January 10.

Anyway, if you like SMUT... Naymeru Hime to Mayoeru Ouji is for you. Chapter 1 was released already. Go to our forum and download it if you want. [Beware, it's really smutty at the end). Chapter 2 is currently being cleaned.

We need STAFF for Cream Caramel series (Chocolate and Ichigo Milk). If you want to translate and edit for us, please go to our forum and apply! Thanks.

Renai Shibai Shimasho, Yorokobi ni Tokeru, Umi wo Koete mo Koiwosuru and Himitsu no Ren’ai Drama by Kimoto Yuuki is currently waiting for its raws. So if you want to work with them, apply now~

We need C-E and J-E translators. We also need cleaners! Apply now. Thank you.

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